What is the difference between Spatial and Special?

What is the difference between Spatial and Special? :

Spatial : (adjective)

1 ) Concerning size, area or position

What are the spatial qualities of a new concert hall?

Special : (adjective)

1 ) Not common, usual or general

Of a particular or certain type

She is a very special friend of mine.

What are your special interests?

He did it as a special favor.

2 ) Designed, reserved or arranged, etc…for a particular purpose

You will need a special tool to do that.

She has her special way of doing things.

Newspapers send special correspondents to places where important events take place.

3 ) Exceptional in amount, degree, quality, etc…

Take special care of it.

He takes no special trouble with his work.

Why should I give you special treatment?

Special : (noun)

1 ) Person or thing that is not of the regular or usual type

There was an all night television special on the election.

Specials were brought in to help the regular police force.

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