What is the difference between Steal and Steel and Still?

What is the difference between Steal and Steel and Still? :

Steal : (verb)

1 ) Take something dishonestly

Take secretly without permission or legal right

It is wrong to steal.

He stole from the rich to give to the poor.

2 ) Obtain something quickly or steadily

He stole a few minutes sleep.

I stole a kiss from her.

He stole a glance at the girl in the mirror.

3 ) Move secretly and quietly or without being noticed

She stole into my room.

A tear stole down her rosy cheek.

Steel : (noun)

1 ) Strong, hard alloy of iron and carbon

It is made of steel.

2 ) Industry that produces steel, production of steel

Where is the steel mill?

3 ) Great strength

He is a man of steel.

Steel : (verb)

1 ) Make oneself, one’s heart, etc…hard or strong in preparation for something

2 ) I have had news for you. So steel yourself.

He had to steel his heart against pity.

Steel yourself for a shock.

Still : (adjective)

1 ) Quiet and calm

Without movement or sound

Look at the still water of the pond.

Stand still while I take your photograph.

2 ) Without wind

It was a still day after a stormy night.

Still : (noun)

1 ) Single photograph of a scene from a cinema or film

These are still from a new film.

2 ) Apparatus for making alcoholic liquor by distilling

Still : (verb)

1 ) Make or become calm or at rest

The waves stilled.

He could not still anxiety.

Still : (adverb)

1 ) Up to and including the present time or the time mentioned

He is still busy.

He still hopes for a letter from her.

Do you still live in Karnataka?

Will you still be here when I get back?

2 ) In spite of that

Even so


Although he felt ill, he still went to work.

3 ) In a greater amount or degree


Ram is tall. But Shyam is taller still.

4 ) Besides

In addition

He came up with still mores stories.

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