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Wind and Window

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Windfall : noun : sudden winning of money or sudden profit which is not expected

Windfall Tax = tax on sudden profits

Wind Up : verb :

(a) to end (a meeting)

• He wound up the meeting with a vote of thanks to the committee.

(b) to wind up a company = to put a company into liquidation

• The court ordered the company to be wound up.

NOTE : winding - wound

Winding Up : noun : liquidation or closing of a company and selling its assets

A compulsory winding up order = order from a court saying that a company must be wound up

Window : noun : opening in a wall with glass in it

Shop Window = large window in a shop front where customers can see goods displayed

Window Display : display of goods in a shop window

Window Envelope = envelope with a hole in it covered with plastic like a window so that the address on the letter inside can be seen

Window Shopping = looking at goods in shop windows without buying anything

Window Dressing : noun :

(a) putting goods on display in a shop window so that they attract customers

(b) putting on a display to make a business seem better or more profitable or more efficient than it really is

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