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Works : noun : factory

• An industrial works

• An engineering works

• The steel works is expanding

• Works committee

Works Council = committee of workers and management which discusses the organization of work in a factory

Price Ex-Works = price not including transport from the manufacturer's factory

The Works Manager = person in charge of a works

NOTE : not plural and takes a singular verb

Work-Sharing : noun : a system where two part-timers share one job

Workshop : noun : small factory

Workspace : noun : memory or space available on a computer for temporary work

Workstation : noun : desk with a computer terminal, printer, telephone, etc… where a word-processing operator works

Work-To-Rule : noun : working strictly according to the rules agreed between the union and management and therefore very slowly as a protest

QUOTE : The control of materials from purchased parts through work in progress to finished goods provides manufacturers with an opportunity to reduce the amount of money tied up in materials. (Duns Business Month)

QUOTE : The quality of the work environment demanded by employers and employees is alike. (Lloyd's List)

QUOTE : Every house and workplace in Britain is to be directly involved in an energy efficiency campaign. (Times)

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