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  1. Art is long, who doesn't know that?
    Keep pedalling my friend, though the tyre's flat.
    If not this, the next mile of verses
    Could be the annus mirabilis ....
    (Aravind Krishna Mehrotra)

  2. Your best lines are those that didn't come through.

  3. Every author should weigh his work to determine whether it has any connection with the Book of Humanity namely whether humanity will receive any benefit from it.
    (Nahman Ben Simha : 1770-1881)

  4. You don't think of success when you write. The person who appears outside the book talking about it is very different from the one who writes it.

    The writer is a very private person one who is mysterious even to himself. Where the book comes from I don't know. Even now when I am reading An Imaginary Life, I am surprised that I wrote it.

    A writer when he writes is in a particular state of attention which is very different from his normal state. Things he can't remember on another occasion come to his mind then.

    A lot of people think you write because you have ideas or opinions you want to put down. But it is not so. Something puzzles you and that is why you write. A writer discovers as he goes along. He is the first reader of the book and every time he turns the next page, it is blank.
    (David Malouf : Australian writer)

  5. By writing man has been able to put something of himself beyond death. It can influence the minds and actions of other people in different places and at different times. A row of black marks on a page can move a man to tears though the bones of him that wrote it are long ago crumbled to dust.
    (Julian Huxley : 1887-1975)

  6. When I want to read a novel I write one.
    (Benjamin Disraeli)

  7. The greatest part of a writer's time is spent in reading in order to write.

    A man will turn over half a library to make one book.
    (Samuel Johnson)

  8. True ease in writing comes from art, not chance,
    As those move easiest who have learned to dance.
    'Tis not enough no harshness gives offence,
    The sound must seem an echo to the sense.
    (Alexander Pope)

  9. Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite.
    "Fool!" said my Muse to me, "look in thy heart and write".
    (Philip Sidney : 1554-1586)

  10. Three hours a day will produce as much as a man ought to write.
    (Anthony Trollope : 1815-1882)

  11. I know no person so perfectly disagreeable and even dangerous as an author.
    (William IV : King of England 1830-1837)

  12. People who write books ought to be shut up.
    (George V : King of England 1910-1936)

  13. When I begin writing, I leave a huge margin, a blank space which I know will soon fill up with alterations, corrections, new ideas ... in time the margin is full, the words begin creeping into the centre of the page, the margin and the text merge and finally, because what I am now saying comes mostly from the margin, the margin takes over, it becomes the real text.
    (Shashi Deshpande : Writing from the Margin and Other Essays)

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