The rushing blood gushed in my nerves

Leaving no sign of its presence

Just the way my most precious

YOU are with me through everything.

It took a long time until I was pushed.

To make the friendship curves

Making a hasty smile and good essence

Never bother to be cautious

Because YOU let me self in our tied swing

The whole of sorrows flushed by the wave of your smile

Though put through sober lessons

Still stayed our gay hail for a mile

Could only be YOU – the lesson

That sways my moods fringe

With a goodbye bid, it was all crushed…

Not a climpse of the journey’s gloves

All at the rear makes me vivacious

Like I was shot with a frisson

But nevertheless YOU are my life’s blink…

TO all those best buddies who are far apart.

By N. Nivedha – MVMHSS – Chennai – India