A Word A Day : Yarn

Sunday, 4th November 2007 : Today's Word is ...


( Verb & Noun )

Pronunciation : yaa-rn


Old English - gearn - Indo-European - entrail

( Verb )

( past and past participle - yarned: present participle - yarning: 3rd person present singular - yarns )

1. To relate a long tale full of incredible events( informal )

2. To tell or spin a yarn

( Noun )

1. A continuous twisted strand of wool, cotton, or synthetic fiber used in knitting, weaving

2. A continuous strand of a material such as glass or metal

3. A long or involved tale, especially one that relates exciting or incredible events ( informal )


story, tale, tall tale, shaggy-dog story, fish story, anecdote, joke, tall story, thread, fiber, wool, recital, narration

Contextual Example:

• So he drifted back to his wild young days, and spun many a rare yarn for me, while we downed beer, treat by treat, all through a blessed summer afternoon.

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