A Word A Day : Yearn

Thursday, 8th November 2007 : Today's Word is ...


( Verb )

(past and past participle : yearned - present participle - yearning - 3rd person present singular : yearns)

Pronunciation : yurn

1. to have a strong desire for somebody or something, especially when the desire is tinged with sadness

2. to feel affection, tenderness, or compassion

3. have affection for, feel tenderness for


Old English - giernan - Indo-European - to want


desire, long, crave, ache, hanker, want, covet, hunger, thirst


hate, dislike

Contextual Example:

• Because I've a soul that doesn't yearn for a man for master?

• My dear limbs yearn not to stay in the sacred streets of Cyme, but rather my great heart urges me to go unto another country, small though I am.

Related Words :

1. yearner: Noun

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