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Zero, Zip Code and Zone

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Zero : noun : nought or number 0

• The code for international calls is zero one zero (010).

Zero Inflation = inflation at 0%

NOTE : Nought is more common in GB English.

Zero-Rated : adjective : (item) which has a VAT rate of 0%.

Zero-Coupon Bond : noun : bond which does not carry any interest or where the interest is contained in the capital gain

Zero-Rating : noun : rating of an item at 0% VAT

Zip Code : noun : US letters and numbers used to indicate a town or street in an address on an envelope

NOTE : the GB English for this is POSTCODE.

Zone : noun : area of a town or country (for administrative purposes)

Development Zone or Enterprise Zone = area which has been given special help from the government to encourage businesses and factories to set up there

Free Trade Zone = area where there are no customs duties

Zone : verb : to divide (a town) into different areas for planning purposes

• Land zoned for light industrial use = land where planning permission has been given to build small factories for light industry

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