A Way of Saying A Nursery Rhyme

A Way of Saying A Nursery Rhyme :

The most common model of saying a nursery rhyme is one in which the teacher says a line of a rhyme and the whole class repeats. However, this exercise needs to be carefully structured to avoid it becoming boring, mechanical and tedious for both the teacher and the learner. To motivate and maintain the enthusiasm and interest of the pupils, other ways of saying a nursery rhyme should be explored.

The recitation of a rhyme can be done in three innovative steps. In the first step, the teacher says a line and the pupils silently make the lip, tongue and mouth movements in enunciating the line. In the second step, the teacher says the same line again followed loudly by the students and then she / he whispers the line. This exercise generates a lot of interest and enthusiasm because of the different kinds of volume control activities.

If the structure of a rhyme permits, it should be de-structured into smaller units according to parts, for example, individual or solo, group and whole class parts. Individual speaking helps the learner in reciting in front of an audience. However, this mode of speaking limits the recitation of rhymes to a few learners only. Choral speaking, on the other hand, ensures the participation of the whole class.

The atmosphere and emotional mood of the rhyme, its thematic content as well as its rhythmic pattern structuring can be effectively expressed through choral speaking. The psychological advantage is that shy children gain confidence to speak in front of others and the class as a whole acquires a sense of audience. Choral speaking is appropriate with a sensitive interpretation of the idea and the emotions in it through the modulation of voice. There are four main types of choral speaking.

1. Individual / group

2. Cumulative

3. Refrain

4. Part

A Way of Saying A Nursery Rhyme :

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