acid, acri & acer

ROOT-WORDS are ACER, ACID & ACRI which mean BITTER, SOUR & SHARP. There is a difference, however, in the bitterness of each one. ACER has sharpness to it like a needle. ACID has sourness. ACRI has a sting, like smoke that chokes. So, if you want the word to pierce like a needle, use No. 13. If you want to express vinegar, use No. 4. If you want to choke or sting, use No. 18, each has its own personality.

1. Acerate : ACER ate (as’ e rate) adj.

Shaped like a needle; as, acerate leaves

2. Acerb : ACER b (a serb’ adj)

Bitter to the taste; tart

3. Acidifiant : ACID ifiant (aa sid’ i fie ant) n.

That which acidifies; acid making

4. Acidity : ACID ity (a sid’ it ee) n.

The quality of sourness

5. Acerbic : ACER bic (a ser’ bik) adj.

Bitter; harsh; irritating

6. Acid : ACID (as’ id) n.

A sour substance

7. Acidemia : ACID emia (as i dee’ mi a) n.

Condition of too much acid in the blood

8. Acrimonious : ACRI monious (ak ri moe’ nee us) adj.

Nagging, quarrelsome bitterness

9. Acidic : ACID ic (a sid’ ik) adj.

Acid-forming; as, acidic food

10. Acidiferous : ACID iferous (as i dif’ er us) adj.

Containing or producing acid

11. Acidify : ACID ify (a sid’ i fie) v.

Make acid; make bitter; make sour

12. Acidification : ACID ification (a sid i fi kay’ shun) n.

Act of making sour; acid

13. Acerbity : ACER bity (a ser’ bit ee) n.

Bitterness; sharpness of tongue

14. Acerbate : ACER bate (as’ er bate) v.

Embitter; irritate

15. Acidometer : ACID imeter (as i dim’ et er) n.

Instrument to measures amount of acid

16. Acidosis : ACID osis (as i doe’ sis) n.

Condition of the blood having an abnormal amount of acid

17. Acrid : ACRI d (ak’ rid) adj.

Stingingly bitter; as, the acrid sting of smoke

18. Acridity : ACRI dity (a krid’ it ee) n.

Bitterness; as, the bitter acridity of smoke

19. Acrimony : ACRI mony (ak’ ri moe nee) n.

Bitterness, Not of taste, but of feeling

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