ROOT-WORD is ANTHOROP which comes from the Greek anthropos meaning MAN. This ROOT opens the door to a much debated subject - is man an ape or an angel? Disraeli said, “I repudiate with abhorrence and indignation these new-fangled theories". Darwin thought differently. Here is some vocabulary relating to the subject.

1. Anthropic : ANTHROP ic (an throp’ ik) adj.

Of or pertaining to mankind

2. Anthropocentric : ANTHROP ocentric(an thro po sen’ trik) adj.

Assuming that man is the center of all

3. Anthropogeography: ANTHROP ogeography(an thro po je og’ ra fi) n.

Study of distribution of man in the world

4. Anthropogenesis : ANTHROP ogenesis(an thro po jen’ e sis) n.

Study of the development and origin of man

5. Anthropoglot : ANTHROP oglot (an throe’ po glot) n.

Animal with a tongue like man

6. Anthropography : ANTHROP ography (an thro pog’ ra fee) n.

Study of the distribution of the language, customs, institutions of man

7. Anthropoid : ANTHROP oid (an’ thro poid) adj.

Resembling man; as, the anthropoid ape

8. Anthropology : ANTHROP ology (an thro pol’ o jee) n.

The science of man

9. Anthropolatry : ANTHROP olatry (an thro pol’ a tri) n. The worship of man as God

10. Anthropolith : ANTHROP olith (an throe’ po lith) n.

The petrified body or part of a body of a man

11. Anthropological : ANTHOROP ological(an thro po loj’ i kal) adj.

Relating to anthropology

12. Anthropologist : ANTHROP ologist (an thro pol’ o jist) n.

One who is versed in anthropology

13. Anthropometer : ANTHROP ometer (An thro pom’ e ter) n.

An instrument to measure the parts of the human body

14. Anthropomorphism: ANTHROP omorphism(An thro po mor’ fiz um) n.

Attributing human form to the nonhuman

15. Anthropopathy : ANTHROP opathy (an thro prop’ a thi) n.

Attributing human feeling to God

16. Anthroponomy : ANTHROP onomy (an thro pon’ o mi) n.

The science of human behavior

17. Anthropophagy : ANTHROP ophagy (an thro pof’ a jee) n.


18. Anthropophagus : ANTHROP ophagus(an thro pof’ a gus) n.


19. Philanthropy : phil ANTHROP y (Fi lan’ thro pee) n.

Love of mankind

20. Misanthropy : mis ANTHROP y (mis an thro pee) n.

Hatred of mankind

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