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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

1. IMPLICATE : Exonerate means declared free from blame, to implicate means to show that someone is involved in something especially a crime, to appease means to pacify, to adore means to love deeply and respect highly. (ANSWER : B)

(a) appease (b) exonerate (c) adore (d) advocate

2. VACILLATING : Fascinating means charming, fanaticism means madness, especially in religious or political matters, indolence means laziness. (ANSWER : D)

(a) fascinating (b) fanaticism (c) indolence (d) resolute

3. RECKLESS : Modest means humble, awkward means clumsy, celebrated means distinguished. (ANSWER : D)

(a) modest (b) awkward (c) celebrated (d) cautious

4. INSULT : Credulity (ANSWER : B)

(a) humiliation (b) credulity (c) degradation (d) honour

5. ABANDON : Roost (ANSWER : A)

(a) roost (b) forfeit (c) quit (d) forsake

6. OFFEND : offend means not to show proper respect or make someone angry, so the opposite will be respect. (ANSWER : D)

(a) angry (b) hate (c) force (d) respect

7. INDICT : Indict means to charge someone with a crime or something wrong. Accuse also means the same, acquit means to free of charge. (ANSWER : C)

(a) condemn (b) reprimand (c) acquit (d) allege

8. OBSCENE : Obscene means indecent, objectionable and condemnable mean similar to obscene. (ANSWER : A)

(a) decent (b) objectionable (c) condemnable (d) jealousy

9. LIBERATE : Liberate is to make someone free and imprison is to put in prison, conceal is to hide and vacillation is to move from one place or idea to another (ANSWER : A)

(a) imprison (b) enclose (c) liberal (d) conceal

10. MELANCHOLY : Melancholy means depressed and is therefore opposite to cheerful. (ANSWER : D)

(a) depressed (b) prejudiced (c) reckless (d) cheerful

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