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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

11. LEGITIMATE : Legitimate means legal or lawful, distinguished means eminent, and courteous means polite (ANSWER : C - unlawful)

(a) valid (b) extend (c) unlawful (d) distinguished

12. VACILLATE : Vacillate means to move from one place to another and consistent means to stay the same, eradicate means to remove (ANSWER : D - eradicate)

(a) amplify (b) stimulate (c) consistent (d) eradicate

13. HINDER : Hinder means to prevent the growth or progress of something while expedite is to make fast the process or facilitate. Vindicate means to justify (ANSWER : A - expidite)

(a) expidite (b) protect (c) devote (d) create

14. TERSE : Terse means brief. Diffuse means spread widely or thinly. (ANSWER : A – lengthy )

(a) lengthy (b) scarce (c) diffuse (d) headless

15. MULTIPLICITY : Multiplicity is presence of multiple or many identities, while uniformity means same everywhere, infinite means endless. (ANSWER : B - uniformity)

(a) finite (b) uniformity (c) magnitude (d) infinite

16. NAIVE : Naive means inexperienced, someone who will not be very sharp or clever owing to lack of experience (ANSWER : D - clever)

(a) subtle (b) energise (c) spotless (d) clever

17. ANACHRONISTIC : Anachronistic is something that belongs to a time gone by, while futuristic is something that belongs to the future or suggests how the future would be. (ANSWER : C - futuristic)

(a) formerly (b) present (c) futuristic (d) non-existing

18. TRAIT : Trait means characteristic. (ANSWER : B - uncharacteristic)

(a) symbol (b) uncharacteristic (c) habit (d) identity

19. GARISH : Garish means gaudy or in bad taste. (ANSWER : A - tasteful)

(a) tasteful (b) green (c) scenic (d) contrasting

20. GEOLOGICAL : Geological means belonging to or related to the earth, while galactic is that which belongs to the galaxy. Heavenly is belonging to heaven so opposite to earthly. Heavenly is also called unearthly (ANSWER : D - heavenly)

(a) astral (b) solar (c) galactic (d) heavenly

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