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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

61. UNFATHOMABLE : The Vedas are unfathomable; that is, one cannot fully understand the depth of their meaning. The commentaries, however, are simplified versions easy to understand. In other words, they are comprehensible. (ANSWER : A - comprehensible)

(a) comprehensible (b) sinkable (c) uncomfortable (d) infallible

62. TERMINATION : The controversy led to a termination of the contract. That is, the contract came to an end. The opposite of End is beginning. (ANSWER : B - beginning)

(a) endeavouring (b) beginning (c) amendment (d) phasing

63. INSPIRED : My success is due to my elder brother, who has inspired me at every point. That is, he encouraged me to go ahead with my work. The opposite of encouraged is discouraged. (ANSWER : A - discouraged)

(a) discouraged (b) extracted (c) negated (d) admired

64. PARTICIPATE : Only 76 countries participated in the meet. The rest boycotted it. That is, they refused to participate (take part) in it because they disapproved of it. (ANSWER : D - boycott)

(a) precipitate (b) change (c) disengage (d) boycott

65. EGALITARIAN : Some people believe that reservations are against the idea of an egalitarian society. An egalitarian society supports or follows the idea that all people are equal; they should have the same right and opportunities. So why give special rights to some? Others, however, feel that the society, as it stands today, is unequal. Only reservations can bring an equilibrium and make the society egalitarian. (ANSWER : A - unequal)

(a) unequal (b) socialist (c) capitalist (d) liberal

66. DEFICIENCY : A deficiency of iodine leads to goitre. In other words, iodine is riot present in enough quantity. On the other hand, if it be present in large quantities, that is more than enough (usually), we say it is in abundance. (ANSWER : A - abundance)

(a) abundance (b) deficit (c) ill (d) profit

67. FLOURISH : The economy flourishes when there are lesser restrictions. That is, it grows quickly and strongly. Imposing of restrictions makes the growth of the economy retard. That is, it gets slower, as if under brakes. (ANSWER : B - retard)

(a) improve (b) retard (c) hamper (d) stop

68. VENEER : The veneer of something is the coating from outside. It is the exterior which often gives a false impression of the reality inside. The inside of something is its interior. (ANSWER : B - interior)

(a) exterior (b) interior (c) impression (d) armour

69. DICTATORSHIP : What happens in a dictatorship? All the decisions are made by the dictator — a ruler who has complete power in a country. In effect, it becomes a one-man rule. Countries like India, however, believe in a rule “by the people”. In other words, we believe in democracy. In a democracy, power is not centred in one person. The ruler is merely the representative or the people. (ANSWER : A - democracy)

(a) democracy (b) tyranny (c) aristocracy (d) self-rule

70. EVENTUALLY : Eventually means “at the end”; initially means “in the beginning” (ANSWER : C - initially)

(a) primarily (b) resultantly (c) initially (d) objectively

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