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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

111. SUBSERVIENT : If you are subservient, you do whatever someone wants you to do. On the other hand, if you are supercilious, you behave in a scornful way towards others. You think you are superior to them. So, you think, they should be at your command, not you at theirs. (ANSWER : D - supercilious)

(a) aggressive (b) straightforward (c) dignified (d) supercilious

112. CONFESS : Seven men were charged of a murder. Six of them admitted that they were a party to the murder. In other words, they confessed their guilt. But the seventh man denied. He said, “No, I know nothing about the murder. The charge is totally baseless. (ANSWER : A - deny)

(a) deny (b) refuse (c) contest (d) contend

113. ENGAGE : Usually, at this time of the year, I would be engaged in debates and dramas. That is, I used to be actively involved in them. This year, however, I have my Board exams. So I am abstaining (keeping away) from them. (ANSWER : A - abstain)

(a) abstain (b) liberate (c) release (d) join

114. JUDICIOUS : He must have lost if he stood for the elections. Not to stand was thus a judicious move. That is, the move showed good judgement on his part. Had he stood for the elections, it would have shown a lack of careful thinking and proper judgement. The move would then have been imprudent. (ANSWER : A - imprudent)

(a) imprudent (b) silly (c) separation (d) sagacious

115. UPROARIOUS : An uproarious laughter is very noisy. The opposite of noisy is calm. (ANSWER : D - calm)

(a) tumultuous (b) upright (c) posture (d) calm

116. GRATEFUL : I helped both Ravi and Santosh equally. Ravi was grateful. He said to me, “Thank you. Thank you very much. I will be indebted to you for this support.” On the other hand, Santosh took the support for granted. His work being done, Santosh didn’t even look at me. I can’t even think of any appreciation from him. He was simply unappreciative of my support. (ANSWER : C - unappreciative)

(a) quick (b) beholden (c) unappreciative (d) convincing

117. TOIL : In a highly competitive world, you can’t succeed unless you toil (work hard). But sloth gets the better of Avinash; so success eludes him forever. Sloth is laziness, especially with regard to work. (ANSWER : B - sloth)

(a) laborious task (b) sloth (c) strive (d) vivid

118. INDISCRIMINATE : FAO has warned India of the indiscriminate use of pesticides. That is, farmers are using pesticides without giving any careful thought or exercising a careful choice. Now, pesticides are not meant to be sprayed in every field and without any restrictions. A good user must carefully select the fields that really need them. In other words; he should be selective. (ANSWER : B - selective)

(a) promiscuous (b) selective (c) undistinguished (d) broad

119. FICKLE : If you are fickle, you keep changing your mind. That happens when you are unsure of purpose. When you have a concrete target in mind, you become steadfast. That is, you are convinced that what you are doing is right. You refuse to change your mind. (ANSWER : A - steadfast)

(a) steadfast (b) independent (c) unwise (d) esoteric

120. TARDY : The mess bills were brought out in time. But the tardy students are yet to pay the bills. The result: there is no fund to run the mess. Unless the students become prompt in payment, we shall have to face the crunch again and again. (ANSWER : D - prompt)

(a) sluggish (b) dilatory (c) reluctant (d) prompt

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