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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

121. FABLE : A fable is a false story or account; a fact is a true account. (ANSWER : B - fact)

(a) truth (b) fact (c) reality (d) actuality

122. AFFECTIONATE : One who is affectionate shows affection towards you. Affection is love. The opposite of love is hate. Now, who can hate you? Not a friend, but an enemy. In other words, one who is hostile towards you. (ANSWER : C - hostile)

(a) cold (b) indifferent (c) hostile (d) unfriendly

123. ERUDITE : (a) is rejected because ignorance is the opposite of knowledge. Now, knowledgeable is not the same as erudite. Knowledge can come from any source. There are knowledgeable persons who have never touched a book in their lives. Erudition, on the other hand, is scholarly learning for which books are essential. An erudite person is thus highly literate. An illiterate person is one who does not know how to read. (ANSWER : C - illiterate)

(a) ignorant (b) unknown (c) illiterate (d) unfamiliar

124. PRETENTIOUS : If you are pretentious, you have a desire to show off On the other hand, if you are unassuming, you do not wish to be noticed. (ANSWER : A - unassuming)

(a) unassuming (b) calm (c) secretive (d) cowardly

125. POLTROON : A poltroon is a coward. One who is brave is a hero. (ANSWER : B - hero)

(a) plutocrat (b) hero (c) amateur (d) partisan

126. ABOLISH : Sati was abolished by William Bentick. That is, he brought Sati to an end. When you bring something into being, you establish it (ANSWER : D - establish)

(a) remove (b) reside (c) confront (d) establish

127. RETALIATION : What is retaliation? If someone slaps your cheek, you slap his in return. Thus, enmity breeds enmity. And a vicious cycle gets started. Both of you become enemies. There are others who prefer reconciliation — becoming friends again after a quarrel. They make compromises and iron out their differences. (ANSWER : D - reconciliation)

(a) disintegration (b) wholesale (c) admonition (d) reconciliation

128. ABET : On the one hand, we have powers that abet terrorism. That is, they help its growth. On the other hand, there are forces that check its growth. In other words, these forces prevent its growth. (ANSWER : D - prevent)

(a) aid (b) risk (c) pacify (d) prevent

129. REPREHENSIBLE : The manner in which our leaders conduct themselves in the parliament is reprehensible. It deserves to be condemned. However, some of them still behave decently and deserve to be praised. In other words, their behaviour is commendable. (ANSWER : A - commendable)

(a) commendable (b) fearful (c) ignorant (d) culpable

130. SEDATE : When the doctor gives you a sedative, what happens? It makes you sedate (calm, quiet). It prevents you from getting excited. (ANSWER : B - excited)

(a) addicted (b) excited (c) shy (d) inebriate

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