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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

131. ABATE : After three days of massive destruction, the cyclone has now abated. That is, it has become much less strong. Its intensity has decreased. Now, the antonym of decrease is increase. (ANSWER : C - increase)

(a) gamble (b) dilute (c) increase (d) discourage

132. MOROSE : (ANSWER : D - cheerful)

(a) docile (b) boorish (c) diffuse (d) cheerful

133. SALIENT : (ANSWER : D - incline)

(a) emphatic (b) striking (c) important (d) incline

134. PRECEPT : (ANSWER : A - discernment)

(a) discernment (b) instruction (c) important (d) incline

135. PALPABLE : (ANSWER : C - imaginary)

(a) innovative (b) fresh (c) imaginary (d) creative

136. MALIGNANT : (ANSWER : C - benign)

(a) swallow (b) prune (c) benign (d) virulent

137. POLEMIC : (ANSWER : B - warlike)

(a) aggressive attack (b) warlike (c) logically argued (d) controversial

138. DELIRIOUS : (ANSWER : B - calm)

(a) large (b) calm (c) insane (d) responsive

139. JUVENILE : (ANSWER : A - mature)

(a) mature (b) youthful (c) blind (d) control

140. MORIBUND : (ANSWER : D - growing)

(a) restored (b) healthy (c) wholesome (d) growing

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