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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

31. PROCLAIM : Proclaim is to announce usually in favour of, denounce means to speak against (ANSWER : A - denounce)

(a) denounce (b) pretend (c) attend (d) distend

32. SUMPTUOUS : Sumptuous means sufficient or more in quantity, meagre means very little (ANSWER : B - meagre)

(a) irritable (b) meagre (c) fancy (d) sad

33. FEIGN : Feign means to pretend, that is show what is not real or original, condone is to forgive and condemn is to express disapproval of something. (ANSWER : D - original)

(a) condone (b) attend (c) willing (d) original

34. INSIPID : Insipid means unintelligent, plain or flat, witty means clever intelligent (ANSWER : A - witty)

(a) witty (b) meagre (c) wily (d) lucid

35. SALUBRIOUS : Salubrious means health giving, malaise is something that causes discomfort or pain, like a disease. (ANSWER : D - malaise)

(a) sticky (b) soft (c) famous (d) malaise

36. REFULGENT : Refulgent means bright, lament is to repent (ANSWER : C - sad)

(a) angry (b) dull (c) sad (d) lament

37. INNOCUOUS : Innocuous is harmless or inoffensive (ANSWER : B - harmless)

(a) offensive (b) harmless (c) organic (d) anger

38. AFFECTATION : Affectation means haughtiness or pride while humility means humble, polite behaviour (ANSWER : B - humility)

(a) sincerity (b) humility (c) stirring (d) affluent

39. LUMINOUS : Luminous means bright or giving out a lot of light. (ANSWER : C - unsteady)

(a) dark (b) ludicrous (c) unsteady (d) provoking

40. INTRICACY : The carpets are priced so high due to the intricacy of patterns. An intricate pattern is made up of many small details. It is complicated, not simple. The noun from simple is simplicity (ANSWER : B - simplicity)

(a) ornate (b) simplicity (c) distance (d) cordiality

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