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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

51. ACCORD : Four of the judges were in accord with one another while one dissented. That is, four of them were in agreement with one another on the judgement. There was no conflict between their opinions. One judge, however, did not share the majority opinions. He was of a different opinion. In other words, he dissented. (ANSWER : C - dissent)

(a) concord (b) policy (c) dissent (d) act

52. HAPLESS : All reservations have been abolished from this year! Hari Paswan, a scheduled caste candidate, has fallen a hapless victim to the new law. That is, he was unlucky not to have taken the exam last year. His elder brother, Barkhu, was lucky enough to have made it last year. (ANSWER : A - lucky)

(a) lucky (b) kind (c) helpful (d) futile

53. FRIVOLOUS : Farming on such a barren land! It is a frivolous project. That is, it would only entail a wastage of time and money. It is not useful. It would make no significant (important) contribution to ameliorating the plight of the poor. (ANSWER : B - significant)

(a) trivial (b) significant (c) fearless (d) permissive

54. INTEGRAL : Kashmir is an integral part of India. That is, it is an essential part of India without which the country cannot be complete. It cannot be separated from the country. That is what most of the people believe. However, a handful of people believe it should be independent - that it has no connection whatsoever with the rest of India. (ANSWER : D - independent)

(a) minor (b) major (c) essential (d) independent

55. HOLISTIC : Holistic medicine treats the whole person, not just the diseased part. That which is holistic is based on the principles of holism. Holism is the belief that everything in nature is connected in some way. A piecemeal approach, on the other hand, deals with only one part at a time. (ANSWER : B - piecemeal)

(a) negative (b) piecemeal (c) impure (d) inadequate

56. EXTENSION : There has been an extension of STD facility to 2000 more villages. In other words, there has been an addition to the number of villages under STD coverage. Now, the opposite of addition is subtraction. (ANSWER : D - subtraction)

(a) diminution (b) condensation (c) deletion (d) subtraction

57. INDIGENTLY : One who is indigent is very poor. The opposite of poor is rich. (ANSWER : A - richly)

(a) richly (b) awfully (c) completely (d) diligency

58. AUDACITY : Audacity is audacious behaviour. If you are audacious, you take risks in order to achieve something. So it is a kind of bravery. Now, the opposite of bravery is cowardice (ANSWER : D - cowardice)

(a) quivering (b) patricide (c) bravado (d) cowardice

59. ELEVATION : An elevation is a ‘piece of ground that is higher (elevated) than the area around it. A depression in a surface is an area which is lower (depressed) than the parts surrounding it. (ANSWER : A - depression)

(a) depression (b) deflation (c) depreciation (d) recession

60. PROFANE : Cows are sacred to the Hindus. Killing of cows is a profane act for them. That is, they consider the act to be a disrespect for the religion, and therefore sinful. Pious (very religious and moral) Hindus would plug their ears even if they heard of it (ANSWER : A - pious)

(a) pious (b) kitten (c) energy (d) wild

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