astro & aster

ROOT-WORDS are ASTER & ASTRO which come from the Greek astron which means STAR. This is an important one in our times, as no one is more in the public eye than the ASTROnaut.

1. Asterisk : ASTER isk (as’ te risk) n.

A tiny star; used in printing to note something special

2. Asteroid : ASTER oid (as’ te roid) adj.

Like a star; resembling a star

3. Asterozoa : ASTER ozoa (as ter o zo’ a) n.

The starfish family

4. Astrology : ASTRO logy (strol’ o jee) n.

A study of the stars as having influence on human destiny

5. Astrologer : ASTRO loger (a strol’ o jer) n.

One who practices astrology

6. Astrological : ASTRO logical (as tro loj’ i k’l) adj.

Relating to astrology

7. Astronomy : ASTRO nomy (a stron’ o mer) n.

Science of the heavenly bodies

8. Astronomer : ASTRO nomer (a stron’ o mer) n.

One versed in astronomy

9. Astronomical : ASTRO phil (as’ tro fil) n.

One interested in star lore; an amateur astronomer

10. Astrophil : ASTRO phil (as’ tro fil) n.

One interested in star lore; an amateur astronomer

11. Astrophysics : ASTRO physics (as tro fiz’ iks) n.

Astronomy and physics combined to understand the heavens

12. Astronaut : ASTRO naut (as’ tro naut) n.

A space traveler

13. Astronautics : ASTRO nautics (as tro naut’ iks) n.

The science of creating spaceworthy vehicles

14. Astrosphere : ASTRO sphere (as’ tro sfer) n.

The sphere of the stars

15. Astrograph : ASTRO graph (as’ tro graf) n.

A photographic telescope

16. Astrography : ASTRO graphy (as trog’ ra fi) n.

Description and mapping our solar systems

17. Astrometry : ASTRO metry (as trom’ e tri) n.

The measuring of the heavenly bodies

18. Astrometer : ASTRO meter (as trom’ e ter) n.

Instrument for measuring heavenly bodies

19. Astrolabe : ASTRO labe (as’ tro labe) n.

An instrument to observe the positions of the heavenly bodies

20. Astrotheology : ASTRO theology (as tro the ol’ o ji) n.

A theology based upon the observation of the heavens

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