Binomial Pairs

Binomial Pairs :

  1. back and forth : - moving first in one direction and then in the other

  2. down and out : - having no luck, no money and no opportunities

  3. loud and clear : - very clear and understandable

  4. neat and tidy : - clean and organized

  5. now and then : - sometimes, but not regularly (every now and then)

  6. out and about : - outside, active and doing things

  7. pride and joy : - a person or thing that gives you great joy or satisfaction

  8. pure and simple : - used to say there is nothing else to add (after a noun)

  9. rise and shine : - wake up and get out of bed (we say this to others)

  10. sink or swim : - left alone to succeed or fail by your own efforts

  11. take it or leave it : - accept it or reject it : there are no more choices

  12. toss and turn : - move around restlessly while trying to sleep

  13. wait and see : - wait to discover what will happen

  14. wear and tear : - damage done to something that is in use over time

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Binomial Pairs :

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