ROOT-WORD is CALOR which means HEAT. Today the word is well known to us. CALORie (No. 3) is constantly on our minds. Words 17, 18, 19 and 20 are very different in appearance, but have close relations with the meaning. It is odd how words are like people, who completely change the color of their hair and face.

1. Calor : CALOR (kal’ or) n.


2. Caloric : CALOR ic (ka lor’ ik) adj.

Like heat; giving off heat

3. Calorie : CALOR ie (kal’ o ree) n.

A unit of heat

4. Caloricity : CALOR icity (kal o ris’ i ti) n.

Ability to develop and maintain animal heat

5. Calorify : CALOR ify (ka lor’ i fie) v.

To make hot; make heat producing

6. Calorific : CALOR ific (kal o rif’ ik) adj.

Heat producing

7. Calorifacient : CALOR ifacient (ka lor i fay’ shent) adj.

Same as No. 6

8. Calorifics : CALOR ifics (kal o rif’ iks) n.

Study, phenomena, and details of heat

9. Calorigenic : CALOR igenic (kal lor i jen’ ik) adj.

Generating heat

10. Calorimeter : CALOR imeter (kal o rim’ et er) n.

Instrument for measuring the quantity of heat used

11. Calorimetry : CALOR imetry (kal o rim’ e tree) n.

The science of measuring heat

12. Calorescence : CALOR escence (kal or res’ ens) n.

Heat waves changed to light

13. Calorimotor : CALOR imotor (ka lor’ i moe tor) n.

A battery of large plates producing heat effects

14. Calorist : CALOR ist (kal’ o rist) n.

One who believed that heat is caloric

15. Calorite : CALOR ite (kal’ o rite) n.

A heat-resisting alloy, often used for electric wiring

16. Calorize : CALOR ize (kal’ o rize) v.

To treat by a process of coating metal to make it rust resisting under head

17. Cauldron : CAUL dron (kaul’ dron) n.

A huge kettle for warming or boiling

18. Caudle : CAUD le (kaud’ el) n.

A warm, nutritious drink for an invalid

19. Scald : s CAL d (skald) v.

To burn with boiling water

20. Nonchalant : non CHAL ant (non sha lant’) adj.

Unconcerned; indifferent

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