cap,cep & cept

ROOT-WORDS are CAP, CEP & CEPT which mean TAKE & RECEIVE. It comes from the Latin capere, cepi, and ceptus. Do not confuse this CAP with the Root CAP which means head. You must be careful now when you see the root CAP that you know exactly which is which. You will have no problem with CEP or CEPT.

1. Capable : CAP able (kay’ pa b’l) adj.

Able to receive knowledge; clever

2. Capias : CAP ias (kay’ pee as) n.

A writ for arrest

3. Capstan : CAP stan (kap’ stan) n.

An apparatus used on shipboard for moving heavy weights

4. Capsule : CAP sule (kap’ sul) n.

A tiny case for holding medication; a pill

5. Caption : CAP tion (kap’ shun) n.

A heading; a subtitle

6. Captation : CAP tation (kap tay’ shun) n.

Effort to get something by flattery

7. Captious : CAP tious (kap’ shus) adj.

Calculated to entrap; as, by captious questions

8. Captive : CAP tive (kap’ tiv) n.

One who has been seized and enslaved

9. Captor : CAP tor (kap’ tor) n.

One who seizes and enslaves

10. Capture : CAP ture (kap’ chur) v.

To get possession of; as, to capture a criminal

11. Captivate : CAP tivate (kap’ ti vate) v.

To seize; as, captivate someone with charm

12. Accept : ac CEPT (ak sept’) v.

To receive; to agree to

13. Deception : de CEP tion (de sep’ shun) n.

A taking by fraud; deceit

14. Exception : ex CEP tion (de sep’ shun) n.

A taking by fraud; deceit

15. Intercept : inter CEPT (int er sept’) v.

To take aside before arrival; to hinder

16. Conception : con CEP tion (kon sep’ shun) n.

The process of forming ideas

17. Receptacle : re CEPT acle (re sep’ ta k’l) n.

That which receives and holds; a small container

18. Susceptible : sus CEPT ible (sus sep’ ti b’l)adj.

Impressionable; as, susceptible to beauty

19. Perceptive : per CEPT ive (per sep’ tiv) adj.

Having the faculty of perception; discerning

20. Precept : pre CEPT (pree’ sept) n.

A maxim; a principle by which one lives

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