ROOT-WORD is the Prefix CATA which means DOWN, just the opposite of ANA-up. You will find quite a few scientific words in the list and you will feel very much advanced to have them in your vocabulary. And, indeed, you are advanced to know the ROOTS: CATA and ANA.

1. Catabasis : CATA basis (ka tab’ a sis) n.

A going down; decline in health

2. Catachresis : CATA chresis (kat a kree’ sis) n.

A misuse of words; mixed metaphor

3. Cataclysm : CATA clysm (kat’ a kliz m) n.

A downward sweep of water; flood; disaster

4. Cataclysmic : CATA clysmic (kat a kliz’ mik) adj.

In the nature of a cataclysm

5. Catacomb : CATA comb (kat’ a kome) n.

Underground burial place

6. Catafalque : CATA falque (kat; a falk) n.

A raised platform for the coffin of on deceased

7. Catagenesis : CATA genesis (kat a jen’ e sis) n.

Evolution going back, and not forward

8. Catalyst : CATA lyst (kat’ a list) n.

A combination which starts a reaction

9. Cataract : CATA ract (kat’ a rakt) n.

A large waterfall; a clouding of the lens of the eye

10. Catakinesis : CATA kinesis (kat a ki nee’ sis) n.

A state when energy is down

11. Catalepsy : CATA lepsy (kat’ al ep sy) n.

A nervous disorder which keeps limbs rigid

12. Catalogue : CATA logue (kat; a log) n.

Lists of names set down; registered

13. Catapult : CATA pult (kat’ a pult) n.

An ancient apparatus for hurling stones

14. Catasta : CATA sta (ka tas’ ta) n.

Platform on which slaves were shown for sale

15. Catastasis : CATA stasis (ka tas’ ta sis) n.

Climax in a drama

16. Catastrophe : CATA strophe (ka tas’ tro fee) n.

A moment of tragedy

17. Catatonia : CATA tonia (kat a to’ nee a) n.

A severe type of mental disorder

18. Catarrh : CATA rrh (ka tar’) n.

Inflammation of the mucous membrane

19. Catastrophic : CATA strophic (kat a strof’ ik) adj.

In the nature of a great disaster

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