circ & circum

ROOT-WORDS are the Prefixes CIRC & CIRCUM which mean AROUND. There are now three ways of traveling around the world so you can choose from Nos. 1, 2 or 3. Going CIRCUM means no short cuts, the long way around. That is all right for travel but not for speech. Use straight talk, not the methods in Nos. 6, 15, or 20.

1. Circumambulate : CIRCUM ambulate (sir ku mam’ byu late) v.

To walk around

2. Circumnavigate : CIRCUM navigate (sir kum nav’ i gate) v.

To go around, especially in a ship

3. Circumnavigate : CIRCUM aviate (sir kum ay’ vi ate) v.

To fly around in an displace

4. Circumcise : CIRCUM cise (sir’ kum size) v.

To cut around

5. Circumspect : CIRCUM spect (sir kum spekt’) adj.

Looking around carefully; watchfully

6. Circumdiction : CIRCUM diction (sir kum dik’ shun) n.

Talk that is roundabout; not to the point

7. Circumference : CIRCUM ference (sir kum’ fe rens) n.

The line around the plane surface of a circle

8. Circumfluent : CIRCUM fluous (sir kum’ flue us) adj.

Flowing around; as the circumfluous ocean

9. Circumfulgent : CIRCUM fulgent (sir kum ful’ jent) adj.

Shining all around; as the circumfulgent sun

10. Circumvolve : CIRCUM volve (sir kum volv’) v.

To wind about; to turn around

11. Circumstance : CIRCUM stance (sir’ kum stans) n.

A condition of a fact; a situation

12. Circummured : CIRCUM mured (sir kum mund’) adj.

Walled around; as, in a dungeon

13. Circumscribe : CIRCUM scribe (sir’ kum scribe) v.

To draw a line around; to encirele

14. Circumvallation : CIRCUM vallation (sir kum val ay’ shun) n.

Trenches to protect a besieged army

15. Circumlocution : CIRCUM locution (sir kum to kyu’ shun) n.

Circumdiction (see No.6)

16. Circummigration: CIRCUM migration (sir kum mie gray’ shun) n.

Wandering around from place to place

17. Circumneutral : CIRCUM neutral (sir kum nue’ tral) adj.

Said of soil that is neither acid nor alkaline

18. Circumvent : CIRCUM vent (sir kum vent’) v.

To encircle; prevent; foil

19. Circuit : CIRC uit (sir’ kut) n.

The distance around on area or a space

20. Circuitous : CIRC uitous (sir kyu’ it us) adj.

Having roundabout ways; sly

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