ROOT-WORD is the Prefix CON. It has various forms as you see in the list. The n is left out as in Nos. 6-9; n change to l in Nos. 10, 11, 12; n changes to m as in Nos. 13-18; n changes to r in Nos. 19, 20. It is one of those assimilated prefixes. But every form means WITH & TOGETHER.

1. Connect : CON nect (ko nekt’) v.

To link together; create a relationship

2. Connection : CON nection (ko nek’ shun) n.

The state of being connected; union

3. Congress : CON gress (kon’ gres) n.

The act of coming together; a meeting

4. Congregate : CON gregate (kon; gre gate) v.

To gather with others in one place

5. Congregation : Con gregation (kon gre gay’ shun) n.

A gathering of persons

6. Cohere : CO here (ko here’) v.

To stick together

7. Coherence : CO herence (ko here’ ens) n.

A sticking together; a union of parts

8. Cooperate : CO operate (ko op’ e rate) v.

To work together for a common cause

9. Cooperation : CO operation (ko op e ray’ shun) n.

A joint effort or labor

10. Collect : COL lect (ko lekt’) v.

To gather into one place; to assemble

11. Collide : COL lide (ko lide’) v.

To clash; as, many interests collide

12. Collision : COL lision (ko lizh’ un) n.

A clash; a violent coming together

13. Combine : COM bine (kom bine’) v.

To mix together

14. Combat : COM bat (kom’ bat) n.

A fight; a battle; conflict

15. Combatant : COM batant (kom bat’ ant) n.

One who engages in battle

16. Comment : COM mend (ko mend’) v.

To entrust with; to mention with praise

17. Commendation : COM mendation (kom en day’ shun) n.

An act of mentioning with praise

18. Compound : COM pound (kom’ pound) n.

Something made of several par

19. Correct : COR rect (ko rekt’) v.

To remove faults or errors

20. Correlate : COR relate (kor’ e late) v.

To establish a relationship with

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