Cooking :

When you're cooking in the kitchen,
You're learning all the while –
To pour and measure, mix and stir
And sift flour into a pile.
Scrub your hands before you start
Then gather up the gear –
Like pots'n pans and measuring cups
That you use throughout the year.
Go over the recipe, step-by-step,
So you'll know just what to do.
By carefully following the directions,
It won't be hard for you.
Have a hot pad handy
And an adult standing by –
So you won't hurt yourself
When using the stove or baking a pie.
Besides the fun and learning,
There's always cleaning up to do,
And even though it's quite a chore,
It's part of cooking too.
But after all the work is done,
It will soon be time for dinner.
And when someone asks for seconds,
You'll know you've cooked a winner!


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Cooking :

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