corpor & corp

ROOT-WORDS are CORPOR & CORP which come from the Latin corpus meaning BODY. The word flies from the important detective story prop, the CORPse - to the big business, the CORPORation.

1. Corporal : CORPOR al (kor’ p oral) adj.

Relating to the body

2. Corporality : CORPORability (kor pr ral’ it ee) n.

The state of being a body, or of having a body

3. Corporate : CORPOR ate (kor’ po rat) adj.

Combined into one body; united by legal enactment

4. Corporately : CORPOR ately (kor’ po rat lee) adj.

In the manner of being a corporation

5. Corporateness : CORPOR ateness (kor’ po rate nes) n.

The quality of being corporate

6. Incorporate : in CORPOR ate (in kor’ po rate) v.

To make into an association of persons by legal enactment

7. Corporation : CORPOR ation (kor po ray’ shun) n.

A body of men who have been incorporated

8. Corporational : CORPOR ational (kor po ray’ shun al) adj.

Relating to corporation

9. Corpuscle : CORP uscle (kor’ pus el) n.

A cell that floats in the blood

10. Corporationer : CORPOR ationer (kor po ray’ shun er) n.

A member of a corporation

11. Corporeal : CORPOR eal (kor pore’ ee al) adj.

Having a material body

12. Corporealist : CORPOR ealist (kor po’ re al ist) n.

A materialist; one who is interested only in material things

13. Corporeality : CORPOR eality (kor pore ee al’ it ee) n.

The state of corporeal existence

14. Corporosity : CORPOR osity (kor po ros’ i ti) n.

Bulky, large bodied

15. Corporify : CORPOR ify (kor por’ i fie) v.

To embody; to incorporate

16. Corps : CORP s (kore) n.

A group of people organized for a common service; as, Peace Corps

17. Corpse : CORP se (korps) n.

A dead body

18. Corpulence : CORP ulence (kor’ pyu lens) n.

Excessive fatness; obesity

19. Corpulent : CORP ulent (kor’ pyu lent) adj.

Being excessively fat; obese

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