Day Break

Day Break :

A wind came up out of the sea,
And said, “O mists, make room for me”,
It hailed the ships and cried, “Sail on,
Ye mariners, the night is gone”,
And hurried landward far away,
Crying, “Awake, it is the day”.
It said unto the forest, “shout!”
Hang all your leafy banners out!”,
It touched the wood-bird’s folded wing,
And said, “O bird, awake and sing”.
An O’ever the farms, “O, Chanticlear,
Your clarion blow; the day is near”,
It whispered to the field of corn,
“Bow down, and hail the coming morn”,
It shouted through the bellfry – tower,
“Awake, o Bell! proclaim the hour”.
It crossed the church yard with a sigh,
and said,” Not yet! in quiet lie”.

H.W. Longfellow

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Day Break :

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