ROOT-WORD is the Prefix DE which means AWAY & FROM. If you learn the ROOT-WORDS you will not be DEpendent upon a dictionary. You will be inDEpendentl.

1. Debark : DE bark (do bark’) v.

To get off a ship; as, the soldiers must debark at night

2. Debus : DE bus (de bus’) v.

To get off a bus

3. Deplane : DE plane (dee plane’) v.

To get off an airplane

4. Debunk : DE bunk (dee bunk’) v.

To expose as false; talk truth

5. Decay : DE cay (de kay’) v.

To fall into ruin; rot; spoil; as, fruit will decay

6. Decadence : DE cadence (dek’ ad ens) n.

The state of falling into low conduct

7. Deform : DE form (de form’) v.

To ruin the form of; to cripple

8. Deformed : DE formed (de formed’) adj.

Misshapen; as he was deformed from birth

9. Denude : DE nude (de nude’) v.

To strip bare; as, winter will denude the trees

10. Depend : DE pend (de pend’) v.

To rely upon; to place trust in; as, depend on me

11. Dependent : DE pendent (de pen’dent) adj.

Relying upon; as, dependent on welfare

12. Independent : in DE pendent (in de pen’ dent) adj.

Relying only on one’s self

13. Deprive : DE prive (de prive’) v.

To take away; as, deprive of one’s rights

14. Depose : DE pose (de poze’) v.

To remove from a position; as, depose the king

15. Deride : DE ride (de ride’) v.

To make fun of; laugh at

16. Delude : DE lude (de lude’) v.

To cheat; as, delude with false promises

17. Delouse : DE louse (dee lous’) v.

To get rid of lice

18. Defend : DE fend (de fend) v.

To keep the enemy away; to protect

19. Defender : DE fender (de fend’ er) n.

One who keeps the enemy away; protector

20. Defenseless : DE fenseless (de fens’ les) adj.

Without protection; without a defender

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