Degrees of Comparison

Degrees of Comparison :

For the sake of changing the sentence structure we can classify the sentences into three types and follow certain rules for each type.

TYPE I : (Comparison between two people or objects) Here only two people or two things are compared therefore only two degrees are required i.e. positive and comparative. There is no need to change into superlative degree


Change the position of the 2 things compared.

If the given sentence is in the positive degree, change to comparative and vice versa.

If the verb is in affirmative, change it to negative and vice versa.

Example : 1

John is more intelligent than Joseph.

1. interchange the position of John and Joseph

2. change from comparative to positive (more intelligent – as intelligent as)

3. change the verb into negative (is – is not)

Answer : Joseph is not as intelligent as John.

Example : 2

Sudha sings better than she dances.

Answer : Sudha doesn’t dance as well as she sings.

Example : 3

Rahul is a better writer than a singer.

Answer : Rahul is not as good a singer as a writer.

Example : 4

Sushmita is as beautiful as Aishwarya.

Answer : Aishwarya is not more beautiful than Sushmita.

Example : 5

Sameer is stronger.

Answer : Sameer was not as strong before as he is now.

Example : 6

Some people have more money than brains.

Answer : Some people do not have as much brains as money.

Example : 7

I know him as well as you do.

Answer : You do not know him better than I do

Example : 8

It is easier to preach than to practise.

Answer : It is not as easy to practise as to preach.

Example : 9

A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.

Answer : A foolish friend is not as good as a wise enemy.

Example : 10

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Answer : The sword is not as mighty as the pen is.

Example : 11

I enjoyed the match as much as they did.

Answer : I enjoyed the match more than they did.

Example : 12

Our laws were established far earlier than yours.

Answer : Your laws were not established as earlier as ours.

Example : 13

My dear distant guidance counselor was much more tolerant than those at my university.

Answer : Those at my university were not as tolerant as my dear distant guidance counselor.

Example : 14

He cared more about taking care of his customers than he cared about taking care of himself.

Answer : He cared about himself more than that he did about his customers.

Example : 15

We treat our machines better then we do ourselves.

Answer : We treat ourselves not as good as we our machines.

Degrees of Comparison

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Degrees of Comparison :

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