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ROOT-WORDS are DEM & DEMO from the Greek demos meaning PEOPLE. With this ROOT we are right at home, and the vocabulary is more or less familiar. For example, we all know that there is a constant struggle between DEMOcratic and ANTIDEMOcratic forces.

1. Demarch : DEM arch (dee’ mark) n.

Mayor in modern Greece

2. Demagogue : DEM agogue (dem’ a gog) n.

A rabble-rouser; a leader who rouses the prejudices of mobs

3. Demagogism : DEM agogism (dem’ a gog iz um) n.

The creed of the demagogue

4. Democracy : DEMO cracy (de mok’ ra see) n.

Government of the people, by the people

5. Democrat : DEMO crat (dem’ o krat) n.

One who believes in democracy

6. Democratian : DEMO cratian (dem o kray’ shan) adj.


7. Democratically : DEMO critically (dem o krat’ i ka lee) adj.

In the manner of a democracy

8. Democratifiable : DEMO cratifiable (dem o krat’ i fie a b’l) adj.

Able to be made into a democrat

9. Democratism : DEMO cratism (dem ok’ rat izm) n.

Theory or system of democracy

10. Democratize : DEMO cratize (de mok’ ra tize) v.

Shape into a democracy

11. Demogenic : DEMO genic (dee mo jen’ ik) adj.

Relating to a society based on citizenship, not on kinship or tribe

12. Demography : DEMO graphy (de mog’ ra fee) n.

Study of populations, births, deaths, etc

13. Demographist : DEMO graphist (de mog’ ra fist) n.

One who studies demography

14. Demophile : DEMO phile (dem’ o file) n.

A friend of the people

15. Demophobe : DEMO phobe (dem’ o fobe) n.

One who has an aversion to people

16. Demos : DEMO s (dee’ mos) n.

The people; the members of a company in ancient Greece

17. Demotic : DEMO tic (de mot’ ik) adj.

Of or relating to the language of the Greek people

18. Demotics : DEMO tics (de mot’ iks) n.

Knowledge relative to welfare and culture of people; sociology

19. Demotist : DEMO tist (de mot’ ist) n.

A student of sociological writings

20. Antidemocratic : anti DEMO critic (an t idem o krat’ ik) adj.

Opposed to the principles of democracy

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