A Word A Day : erect

Wednesday, 11th June 2008 : Today's Word is ...

erect :

Definition :

verb :

1. to build; construct; raise : to erect a house

2. to raise and set in an upright or vertical position : to erect a telegraph pole

3. to set up or establish, as an institution; found

4. Machinery : to assemble; make ready for use

5. to bring about; cause to come into existence : to erect barriers to progress

adjective :

6. upright in position or posture: to stand or sit erect

7. raised or directed upward : a dog with ears erect

8. Botany : vertical throughout; not spreading or declined : an erect stem : an erect leaf or ovule

Related Forms :

erectable : adjective

erectly : adverb

erectness : noun

Usage :

  • erect a skyscraper

  • an erect lily stalk

  • Two of far nobler shape, erect and tall.

  • His piercing eyes, erect, appear to view Superior worlds, and look all nature through.

  • But who is he, by years Bowed, but erect in heart?

  • I, who am a party, am not to erect myself into a judge.

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