ROOT-WORD is the Prefix EU meaning PLEASANT,WELL & GOOD. Look at No. 2 and you will find the charmer for whose sake so many changes have been made in the pronunciation of words - assimilation for the sake of EUPHONY. Euphony is a lovely word to hear and say and read. The last word in the list- EUREKA! Is always spoken and written with an exclamation point. It was spoken by Archimedes when he discovered a method of determining the purity of the gold in a king’s crown. I hope that when you will have finished this book you will have found a method to an excellent vocabulary and you will exclaim, EUREKA!

1. Eulogy : EU logy (yue’ lo jee) n.

Words of praise, especially for the dead

2. Euphony : EU phony (yue’ fo nee) n.

A pleasant sound

3. Euphonious : EU phonious (yue foe’ nee us) adj.

Full of pleasing sound; harmonious

4. Euphemism : EU phemism (yue’ fe miz um) n.

The use of a pleasant word instead of one that is harsh or offensive

5. Euphemistic : EU phemistic (yue fe mis’ tik) adj.

In the manner of euphemism“passing on" instead of “dying"

6. Euphemistically : EU phemistically (yue fe mis’ ti ka lee) adv.

In the manner of euphemism

7. Eugeny : EU geny (ue’ je ni) n.

Nobility of birth

8. Eudora : EU dora (ue doe’ ra) n.

A feminine name meaning “a good gift"

9. Eugene : EU gene (ue jene’) n.

A masculine name meaning “well born"

10. Eugenics : EU genics (yue jen’ iks) n.

Breeding for race improvement

11. Eulalia : EU lalia (ue lay’ li a)

A feminine name meaning “pleasant speech"

12. Euharmonic : EU harmonic (ue har mon’ ik) adj.

Producing perfect harmony

13. Euphoria : EU phoria (yue for’ ee a) n.

A feeling of well-being

14. EYrythmics : EU rythmics (yu rith’ miks) n.

The art of graceful movements; as those in dancing

15. Eucrasia : EU crasia (ue kray’ zhi a) n.

A state of physical well-being

16. Eudaemony : EU daemony (us dee’ mo ni) n.

A state of happiness; well-being

17. Eumenides : EU menides (yu men’ i deze) n.

The gracious ones. The Greek euphemism for the Furies, used in an attempt at appeasing them

18. Eupepsia : EU pepsia (yu pep’ sha) n.

Good digestion

19. Euthanasia : EU thanasia (yue tha nay’ zhee a) n.

Painless putting to death; mercy killing

20. Eureka : EU reka (yu ree’ ka) n.

An expression of triumph, meaning “I have found it!" said by Archimedes

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