Future Continuous Tense

Future Continuous Tense :

The tense is used to indicate the completion of an action before a given time in the future.

General Form : Subject + shall I will + be + verb + ing

I / He / She / It / All Singular subjects + will be + verb + ing

We / You / They / All Plural subjects + will be + verb + ing

Examples :

He will be traveling all the morning tomorrow.
My father will be reading the newspaper at 8 a.m. tomorrow.
We will be practicing the game during this week.
We will be having a geography lesson next period.
I will be going to Mysore by next week.

Keywords which will indicate the presence of this tense in the sentences :

by this time tomorrow
by this time next week
at the time tomorrow
during July and August
By 3 O’clock tomorrow

Few sentences in this tense form :

I will be eating a mango
I will be reading the newspaper.
I will be meeting him in the evening.
I will be typing my thesis-paper tomorrow this time.
I will be consulting your professor when you come there.

He will be coming to my house.
He will be utilizing them.
He will be snatching fruits.
He will be moving towards the enemy when the evening comes in.
He will be paining the picture of God Jesus in the canvas.

She will be thinking about this problem.
She will be waiting for the bus.
She will be washing the car tomorrow.
She will be driving her car towards Trichy.
She will be going away from you, if you make a call to her now.

It will be getting ready for your wedding function.
It will be going towards the river.
It will be walking along the road.
It will be carrying the load of books by road.
It will be altering its course of action for the rains.

We will be playing cricket.
We will be borrowing from the bank.
We will be staying at home.
We will be revising her lessons tomorrow this time.
We will be leaving Delhi by tomorrow this time.

You will be staying here.
You will be managing only one day.
You will be playing cricket.
You will be laughing at me for this blunder.
You will be washing our cloths in a washing-machine.

They will be meeting us.
They will be participating a function.
They will be doing their housework.

Future Continuous Tense :

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