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ROOT-WORDS are GE & GEO meaning EARTH, SOIL & GROUND. These invaluable ROOTS open doors to the land and water, both on the surface and below, and to every living creature in every nook and corner of our planet. There are many words you will want to know that are not on the list.

1. Geobios : GEO bios (jee o bie’ os) n.

Life on earth

2. Geocarpic : GEO carpic (jee o kar’ pik) adj.

Producing fruit under the surface of the ground; as the potato

3. Geocentric : GEO centric (jee o sen’ trik) adj.

Measuring from the center of the earth

4. Geochemistry : GEO chemistry (jee o kem’ i stree) n.

Science of the chemical composition of the earth’s crust

5. Geochronic : GEO chronic (jee o kron’ ik) adj.

Relating to geological time divisions

6. Geocratic : GEO critic (jee o krat’ ik) adj.

Concerning the predominance of land areas in relation to ocean areas

7. Geocyclic : GEO cyclic (jee o sie’ klik) adj.

Relating to the rotation of the earth

8. Geode : GEO de (jee’ ode) n.

A cavity lined with minerals or crystal in a nodule of stone

9. Geodesy : GEO desy (jee od’ e see) n.

Concern with measurements of size and position of earth

10. Geodynamics : GEO dynamics (jee o die nam’ iks) n.

Study of forces and processes within the earth

11. Geogenous : GEO genous (jee oj’ e nus) adj.

Growing in or on the ground

12. Geoglyphic : GEO glyphic (jee o glif’ ik) adj.

Relating to marks in rocks that reveal the geologic past

13. Geognosy : GEO gnosy (jee og’ nos si) n.

Knowledge of the materials of the earth

14. Geography : GEO graphy (jee og’ ra fee) n.

The science of the earth and its life

15. Geohydrology : GEO hydrology (jee o hie drol’ o ji) n.

Science treating of underground waters

16. Geoid : GEO id (jee’ oid) n.

The surface of the earth

17. Geology : GEO logy (jee ol’ o jee) n.

History of the earth as recorded in the rocks

18. Geophagia : GEO phagia (jee o fay’ ji a) n.

Study of nutrition of primitive tribes who eat clay

19. Geomorphic : GEO morphic (jee o mor’ fik) adj.

Relating to the form of the earth

20. Geophilous : GEO philous (jee of’ i lus) adj.

Growing or living on or under the ground

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