gnosi & cognosc

ROOT-WORDS are GNOSI & COGNOSC which come from the Latin noscere and cognoscere. They both mean KNOW. And I am COGNIzant of the fact that, if you reCOGNIze all these ROOT-WORDS you too will be a COGNOSCente.

1. Agnosy :a GNOS (ag’ no si) n.

State of not knowing; ignorance

2. Agnosia :a GNOSI a (ag no’ si a) n.

Inability to recognize familiar objects

3. Agnostic :a GNOS tic (ag nos’ tik) n.

One who professes ignorance about the certainty that God exists

4. Agnosticism :a GNOS ticism (ag nos’ ti siz um) n.

The doctrine that God is unknowable

5. Cognition :COGNi tion (kog nish’ un) n.

The act of knowing

6. Cognizable :COGNI azble (kog’ ni za b’l) adj.

Can be known

7. Cognize :COGNI za (kog nize’) v.

To know; to perceive

8. Cognizance :COGNI zance (kog’ ni zans) n.

Notice; understanding

9. Cognizant :COGNI zant (kog’ ni zant) adj.

Knowing; being aware

10. Cognosce :COGNOSC e (cog nos’) v.

Inquire into; to determine

11. Cognoscente :COGNOSC ente (kon yoe shent’ ee) n.

One who is “in the know"; a connoisseur

12. Recognize :re COGNI ze (rek’ og nize) v.

To know again; as, recognize a face

13. Incognito :in COGNI to (in cog’ ni to) adj.

Not known; as, the King went about the city incognito

14. Prognosis :pro GNOSIS (prog no’ sis) n.

A forecast; foretelling the course of a disease

15. Prognose :pro GNOS e (prog nose’) v.

To give a prognosis of a disease

16. Prognostic :pro GNOS tic (prog nos’ tik) adj.

Foretelling; knowing beforehand

17. Prognosticable :pro GNOS ticable (prog nos’ticable) adj.

Can be foretold

18. Prognosticate :pro GNOS ticate (prog nos’ ti kate) v.

To foreshow from symptoms

19. Prognostication :pro GNOS tication (prog nos ti kay’ shun) n.

A prediction; forecast

20. Prognosticator :pro GNOS ticator (prog nos’ ti kate or) n.

One who can predict; prognose

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