ROOT-WORD is GREG which comes from the Latin grex & gregis meaning HERD, FLOCK & MOB. From that rather sour meaning we have developed the better words, GROUP, TROOF & CROWD. The burning word in the list is No. 15, seGREGation, and it is good to be able to know just why it means what it means. No. 19 is the opposite of No. 18. What we need is peaceful conGREGation of all peoples and races so that we can have a peaceful world to live in. Live and let live is a maxim for all.

1. Gregarian : GREG arian (gre gar’ i an) adj.

Belonging to a herd

2. Gregarious : GREG arious (gre gar’ ee us) adj.

Living with and moving with the herd

3. Aggregate : ag GREG ate (ag’ re gate) v.

To collect; to unite

4. Aggregable : ag GREG able (ag’ re ga b’l) adj.

Can be collected; can be united

5. Aggregation : ag GREG ation (ag re gay’ shun) n.

A collection; a union into a mass

6. Aggregant : ag GREG ant (ag’ re gant) n.

A proposition entering into an aggregate

7. Aggregative : ag GREG ative (ag’ re gateiv) adj.

Tending to form a crowd; collective

8. Aggregatory : ag GREG atory (ag’ re ga to ri) adj.

Assembled; of the nature of an assembly

9. Congregate : con GREG ate (kon’ gre gate) v.

To flock together

10. Congregation : con GREG ation (kon gre gay’ shun) n.

A group functioning together; as, church or synagogue

11. Congregational : con GREG ational (kon gre gay’ shun al) adj.

Relating to a congregation

12. Congregative : con GREG ative (kon’ gre gay tiv) adj.

Tending to come together

13. Egregious : e GREG ious (e gree’ jus) adj.

Standing out from the group in favorable sense; as, an egregic

14. Segregate : se GREG ate (seg’ re gate) v.

To separate from the crowd; set apart

15. Segregation : se GREG ation (seg re gay’ shun) n.

The act of separating; setting apart

16. Segregative : se GREG ative (seg’ re gate iv) adj.

Tending to separate, to set apart

17. Segregational : se GREG ational (seg re gay’ shun al) adj.

Relating to segregation

18. Segregationist : se GREG ationist (seg re gay’ shun ist) n.

One who believes in segregation

19. Antisegregationist: antise GREG ationist(an ti se gre gay’ shun ist) n.

One against segregation

20. Desegregate : dese GREG ate (dee seg’ re gate) v.

To do away with segregation

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