Happiness is the madness
When it increases it becomes craziness
But this happiness comes only when you want it badly
But it comes only by adding into it some weirdness

Happiness is the way we look up to life
It’s the choice what we want to make out of life
It doesn’t come and stay forever
But if you want it will never leave you either

It’s just we choose not to be happy
There is harm of no one but we look ugly
Happiness attracts all positivity
And for being happy it doesn’t need any creativity

It’s you on which happiness solely depends
It’s you who make and creates happiness
Everything just depends upon you
It just depends on you how you look up to

Create your own world full of happiness
You are alive here to spread this craziness
At least once in your lifetime live with this madness
You will see that there will be no space for sadness


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