What is the meaning of hogwash?

English is a unique language which has innumerable great poets and authors from the past as well as the present, who have contributed profusely to its rich heritage. Nonetheless, we can ignore the complexities of the English language which sometimes perplex a reader or even a scholar of this language.

This is a word which is normally used in informal contexts. When somebody says something and you respond by saying hogwash, what you are implying is that as far as you are concerned what the individual has said is nonsense.

Here are a few examples.

• What she told me was hogwash.

• Enough of this hogwash. Now sit down and tell me what really happened.

• I have no time to listen to your hogwash, Selma.

The word has the same meaning as baloney.

• Don't give me that baloney Ashwin. Tell me what really happened.

• I am not here to listen to your baloney.

• His baloney didn't go down well with the boss.

• Bad food and drink can also be called hogwash.

• The stuff that was served at the wedding was hogwash.

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