ROOT-WORD is the Suffix ILE which means RELATING TO, SUITED FOR & CAPABLE OF. It is a tidy little one and says much in its three letters. Where it is seen it carries much weight, either in praise or blame. It can be a good recommendation or a bad one. It is a very revealing ROOT, and tells all very simply, without hedging. Senior citizens do not want to be called senILE, and a boy does not want to be called puerILE. AgILE is a compliment, but facILE isn’t. Don’t be too easy. Watch ILE.

1. Domicile : domic ILE (dom’ i sile) n.

A place for home and family

2. Docile : doc ILE (dos’ il) adj.

Easy to teach; amenable; as, a docile child

3. Agile : ag ILE (aj’ il) adj.

Suited to quick motion; graceful in movement

4. Ductile : duct ILE (duk’ til) adj.

Can be led; tractable

5. Fertile : fert ILE (fert’ il) adj.

Capable of being fruitful

6. Fragile : frag ILE (graj’ il) adj.

Can be broken easily; frail

7. Imbecile : imbec ILE (im’ be sil) adj.

Tending to be mentally weak; as, imbecile conduct

8. Mercantile : merchant ILE (mer’ kan tele) adj.

Relating to business; commercial

9. Juvenile : juven ILE (ju’ ven ile)adj.

Relating to youth; as, juvenile delinquency

10. Infantile : infant ILE (in’ fan tile) adj.

Relating to infancy; as, infantile behavior

11. Mobile : mob ILE (moe’ bil) adj.

Capable of being moved

12. Prehensile : prehens ILE (pree hen’ sil) adj.

Capable of grasping; as, the prehensile tail of a monkey

13. Projectile : project ILE (pro jek’ til)) adj.

Capable of being thrown

14. Senile : sen ILE (sene’ ile) adj.

Relating to old age

15. Reptile : rept ILE (rep’ til) n.

An animal that crawls; as, a snake

16. Puerile : puer ILE (pyu’ er il) adj.

Suited to a child; childish

17. Sterile : ster ILE (ster’ il) adj.

Tending to be barren; free from germs

18. Tactile : tact ILE (tak’ til) adj.

Capable of being touched; as tactile qualities

19. Volatile : volat IlE (vol’ at il) adj.

Capable of flying; light; buoyant

20. Versatile : versat ILE (ver’ sat il) adj.

Capable of varying; having various talents; as, a versatile genius

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