ROOT-WORDS are the Prefixes IN & IM which mean NOT. The words from 1 to 9 show this. All the other words change that Prefix to IM because the root word which follows the Prefix begins with a b, m, or p. These are called lip letters, or labials, because they are made with the lips. Before these labials IM sounds better than IN. Try it and see for yourself. It is also easier to pronounce. When a change is made because the sound is better or easier to make, we say the change is made for the sake of EUPHONY – pleasant sound. You will meet this word again.

1. Inability: IN ability (in a bil’ it ee) n.

State of not being able

2. Inadequate: IN adequate (in ad’e kwat) adj.

Not enough; insufficient

3. Inaccessible: IN accessible (in ak ses’ I b’l) adj.

Not able to be reached

4. Inarticulate: IN articulate (in ar tik’ yu lat) adj.

Not able to express oneself

5. Inclement: IN clement (in klem’ ent) adj.

Not mild, often said of the weather

6. Inhospitable: IN hospitable (in hos pit’ a b’l) adj.

Unwilling to be host to others

7. Intolerable: IN tolerable (in tol’ e ra b’l) adj.

Not to be endured

8. Insatiable: IN satiable (in say’ shi b’l) adj.

Can never be satisfied; always wanting more

9. Invisible: IN visible (in vis’ I b’l) adj.

Cannot be seen

10. Imperfect: IM possible (im pos’ I b’l) adj.

Incapable of being or happening

11. Impossible: IM possi ble (im poss e ble) adj.

Incapable of being or happening

12. Improbable: IM probable (im prob’ a b’l) adj.

Not likely to occur or be true

13. Implacable: IM placable (im plak’ a b’l) adj.

Cannot be appeased; cannot forgive

14. Immature: IM mature (im a tyure’) adj.

Not full grown; still unripe

15. Immoral: IM moral (lim mor’ al) adj.

Not of good character

16. Immobilize: IM mobilize (im o’ bi lize) v.

To make immovable; like a stroke that makes a person incapable of movement

17. Immoderate: IM moderate (im mod’e rat) adj.

Inclined to go beyond bounds

18. Imbalance: IM balance (im bal’ ans) n.

A lack of balance; more weight on one side than on the other

19. Impassable: IM passible (im pas’ a b’l) adj.

Cannot be passed; blocked

20. Immortal: IM mortal (im ort’ al) adj.

Not subject to death; like Shakespeare’s immortal poetry

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