ROOT-WORD is the Prefix INTRA which means WITHIN. Notice how similar it is to INTER. Notice how careless pronunciation makes them sound almost exactly alike. The meaning is very different. In ancient days every city had a protective wall around it. Within the wall meant with the city. That is why sports or events within one city are still called INTRAmural.

1. Intracollegiate : INTRA collegiate (in tra ko lee’ ji at) adj.

Within the college

2. Intraschool : INTRA school (in tra skule’) adj.

Within the school

3. Intramural : INTRA mural (in tra myur’ al) adj.

Within the community or institution; as intramural sports

4. Intragroup : INTRA group (in tra grupe’) adj.

Within the group

5. Intracoastal : INTRA coastal (in tra kose’ tal) adj.

Within coastal water

6. Intracontinental: INTRA continental(in tra kon ti nen’ tal) adj.

Within the continent

7. Intradepartmental: INTRA departmental(in tra depart ment’ al) adj.

Within the department

8. Intradistrict : INTRA district (in tra dis’ trikt) adj.

Within the district

9. Intra-European : INTRA European(in tra yur o pee’ an) adj.

Within the boundaries of Europe

10. Intramarginal : INTRA marginal (in tra mar’ ji nal) adj.

Within the margins

11. Intranuclear : INTRA nuclear (in tra nyu’ klee ar) adj.

Within a nucleus

12. Intrabred : INTRA bred (in tra bred’) adj.

Mating within tribe or race

13. Intraglacial : INTRA glacial (in tra glay’ shal) adj.

Within a glacier

14. Intramolecular : INTRA molecular(in tra mo lek’ yu lar) adj.

Within the molecule

15. Intramontane : INTRA montane (in tra mon’ tane) adj.

Within a mountainous region

16. Intramundane : INTRA mundane (in tra mun’ dane) adj.

Within the material world

17. Intranational : INTRA national (in tra nash’ un al) adj.

Within the nation

18. Intraneural : INTRA neural (in tra nyur’ al) adj.

Within the nerve

19. Intraoral : INTRA oral (in tra or’ al) adj

Within the mouth

20. Intravenous : INTRA venous (in tra vee’ nus) adj.

Within the veins

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