ROOT-WORD is the Suffix ISM. It means DOCTRINE, SYSTEM, MANNER, CONDITION, ACT & CHARACTERISTIC. It has the quality of enlargement, and it carries you from the particular to the general, from the individual to the mass. Take the word Nazi and you have an individual who is associated with Nazism. But take Nazism and you have a system of government which murdered millions and millions of people of all nationalities. Take Charirs and you have one of the Graces, Charity. Take Charism and you have a divine or spiritual gift. Take Hinduism and you have the books of divinity and self.

1. Accidentalism : accidental ISM (ak si den’ tal iz um) n.

The theory that accidents happen without cause

2. Alcoholism : alcohol ISM (Al’ ko ho liz um) n.

A condition of addiction to alcoholic drinks

3. Americanism : American ISM (A mer’ i ka niz um) n.

A characteristic of the American image

4. Baptism : bapt ISM (bap’ tiz um) n.

Doctrine of ablution as a sign of purification

5. Barbarism : barbar ISM (bar’ bar iz um) n.

The manner of a barbarian

6. Colloquialism : colloquial ISM (ko lo’ kwee a liz um) n.

An informal style of speech

7. Despotism : despot ISM (des’ po tiz um) n.

A system of government that allows the ruler to govern absolutely

8. Exorcism : exorc ISM (Ek’ sor siz um) n.

The act of driving out an evil spirit

9. Heroism : hero ISM (her’ o iz um) n.

A courageous manner of acting

10. Jingoism : jingo ISM (jin’ go iz um) n.

A chauvinistic manner; aggressive policy displaying readiness to fight

11. Nazism : Naz ISM (Nat’ siz um) n.

Doctrine of the fascists of Germany

12. Nihilism : nihil ISM (nie’ hil iz um) n.

The doctrine of denial of the moral and spiritual objectives of man

13. Charisma : char ISM a (ka riz’ ma) n.

A diving gift

14. Plagiarism : plagiary ISM (play’ ji riz um) n.

The act of using as one’s own the words and ideas which belong to others

15. Quakerism : Quaker ISM (Kway’ ke riz um) n.

The doctrine of the Quakers

16. Realism : real ISM (ree’ a liz um) n.

The doctrine that allows only concern with fact and reality

17. Romanticism : romantic ISM (ro mant’ i siz um) n.

The tendency toward the romantic imagination and sentiment

18. Stoicism : Stoic ISM (Stoe’ i siz um) n.

The doctrine of the Greek Stoics

19. Terrorism : terror ISM (ter’ or iz um) n.

The system of government that uses terror intimidate

20. Totalitarianism : totalitarian ISM (to tal i tar’ ee a niz um) n.

The system of government that is based on authoritarian control

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