It is Your Life.

It is Your Life.

You make mold and shape your life
You are the one who has this life
You are only responsible here
for every happening in your daily life

We are here to make life better
We live each day in our shelter
We walk, run and fly
for our simple needs to cater

Then when we get choice to make life
Do we really make it worthwhile??
Or else we still remain tied up in our world
As if we are made to live life so absurd

This is our life we are going to make it
This is the time we are going to spend it
This is the moment which we have today
This is our own world which is so splendid

No matter what comes in between in our way
No matter what stops us to live in our own way
We are not going to give it easily this day
We will make it big this is what we decide today

We are here to live our dreams today
We are here to make our life worth living today
Today we will enjoy every bit of our life
This is what’s required and needed this time today

Let’s make, spread and create happiness
This is the reason for humans existence
This is the way we should live our life
This is the way we will be known for our persistence


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