ROOT-WORD is the Suffix ITE. It means NATIVE OF, QUALITY OF, MINERAL & PRODUCT. When ITE is used, there is always the quality of belonging. As you read the list you will learn words describing nationality, science chemistry, geology, and zoology. ITE is a convenient little Suffix to make names with.

1. Appetite: appet ITE (ap’ e tite) n.

Craving: desire

2. Exquisite: exquis ITE (ek skwiz’ it) adj.

Having the quality of great beauty

3. Expedite: exped ITE (ek; spe dite) v.

To hasten: to quicken

4. Anti-Semite: anti-sem ITE (ant I sem’ ite) n.

One against the Semitic race, especially against Jews

5. Anthracite: anthrac ITE (an’ thra site) n.

A hard, natural coal

6. Dynamite: dynamo ITE (die’ na mite) n.

A powerful explosive

7. Granite: gran ITE (gran’ it) n.

A firm, grainy rock

8. Israelite: Israel ITE (iz’ ree e lite) n.

A native of Israel

9. Graphite: graph ITE (graf’ ite) n.

A pure carbon used in lead pencils

10. Meteorite: meteor ITE (meet’ ee o rite) n.

A stony metallic body falling from outer space

11. Suburbanite: suburban ITE (su bur’ ba nite) n.

One who lives in a suburb

12. Stalactite: stalact ITE (sta lak’ tite) n.

A rock formation which hangs like an icicle from the ceiling of a cave; a product of dripping

13. Stalagmite: stalagm ITE (sta lag’ mite) n.

A rock formation which rises from the floor of a cave

14. Favorite: favour ITE (fave’ o rit) n.

One who is regarded above others

15. Dolomite: dolom ITE (do’ lo mite) n.

A mineral composed of carbonates of calclum and management

16. Sulfite: sulf ITE (sul’ fite) n.

A salt of sulphurous acid

17. Pyrite: pyr ITE (pire’ ite) n.

A common mineral of yellow brass color; sometimes called “fool’s gold"

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