ROOT-WORD is the Suffix IVE meaning CAUSING & MAKING. We call IVE a causaltIVE - the word carries in itself that which means CAUSING & IVE. I am certain that you have noticed that the words listed are getting longer and longer. In word building we add to the root such pieces that change the meaning of the word grammatically, and give us an opportunity to express ourselves with exactitude. Scientific names are long for the same reason. Every element is a ROOT-WORD in the name.

1. Declarative : declarat IVE (de klar’ at iv) adj.

Tending to make a statement

2. Derogative : derogate IVE (de rog’ at ive) adj.

Tending to lessen value or respect

3. Affirmative : affirmat IVE (a fir’ mat iv) adj.

Tending to agree; as, an affirmative reply

4. Additive : addit IVE (ad; it ive) adj.

Tending to add or be added

5. Subtractive : subtract IVE (sub trak; tiv) adj. Tending to take away

6. Aggressive : aggress IVE (a gres’ iv) adj.

Tending to push oneself forward

7. Appreciative : appreciate IVE (a pre’ shat iv) adj.

Tending to understand; to value

8. Assertive : assert IVE (a pre’ shat iv) adj.

Tending to understand; to value

9. Authoritative : authoritat IVE (au thor’ i tate ive) adj.

Causing obedience; as, an authoritative command

10. Cohesive : cohes IVE (koe hee’ sive) adj.

Making things stick together; as, a cohesive force

11. Commemorative : commemorate IVE (ko mem’ o rat iv) adj.

Causing to be remembered

12. Conjunctive : conjunct IVE (kon junk’ tiv) adj.

Causing union

13. Abusive : abus IVE (a byu’ siv) adj.

Causing insult; tending to mistreat

14. Accumulative : accumulate IVE (a kyu’ my lative)adj.

Causing to pile up

15. Digestive : digest IVE (die jes’ tive) adj.

Causing digestion

16. Cooperative : cooperat IVE (koe op’ e rat iv) adj.

Tending to work together

17. Deliberative : deliberat IVE (de lib’ e rate iv) adj.

Tending to be careful; as, a deliberative manner

18. Evocative : evocat IVE (e vok’ at iv) adj.

Tending to call forth an image

19. Exhaustive : exhaust IVE (eg zo’ stiv) adj.

Making every kind of test; as, an exhaustive study

20. Expletive : explet IVE (ek’ splet iv) adj.

Adding words and phrases, often to fill in extra space

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