Letter Writing

Letter-writing is an art. Very few of us are well-versed in it. Although we all write letters, yet most of the letters are not worth reading. They are jarring; crude jargons, just splitting out facts. A jerky expression couched in uncouth sentences makes dull reading. But on the other hand, a letter written, with choosy words and in a cozy style, thrills the mind of the reader who may love to read it at least twice, just for the fun of it. A good letter is written in a highly personal tone, assuming that the reader is just seated by and the writer is simply talking, and not writing.

Beauty is a natural supremacy. A charming letter is an open sesame for a career in love, business, society and the universe.

But it is an art that can be acquired, as every type of letter has a lay-out of its own which must be comprehended, practiced and developed. A letter is not passionless delivery of words or a loose sally of the mind, completely divorced from emotion. It is a vehicle of ideas and sentiments in which the writer and the reader are both human-beings. You should, therefore, try to place facts in a palatable form, so that all readers may relish it.

Most of the great men in various fields have been good draftsmen who had a knack for writing exciting letters and whose cleaning pen has worked like a dynamics to blow off all the barriers. Thus, art of letter writing is a passport to the world of success or a harbinger of fortune.

There is no scope for pedantry in letter-writing, since letters of every day occasion are not letters meant for scholars. They must be couched in simple and lucid expression. Simplicity, lucidity and euphony are the true characteristics of a good letter-writing.

Today, almost 80% of the world’s letters are written in English. So, it is must for all of us for our existence and success to master the art of letter-writing. The techniques to be adopted are self-evident in the pages in this site. The style of address, the format for the date and leave-taking are all in numerous specimens in this site.

It is not overstated to say that letters can change our life. A famous English author has said that a good letter-writer will neither insult the intelligence of his correspondent by making the letter too childish, nor will remake the mistake of going over his head.

The Essentials of Good Letters

The Forms of Letters

Letters can be classified according to their purposes.Every letter has a purpose which determines the nature of its content.

The letters can be classified

Social Letters

Business Letters

They have diferent characteristics and so need different treatment.

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