Which is correct? "The media suggest" or "The media suggests"?

"Media" is the plural of "medium". The word "medium" has two plural forms — the Latin "media" and the English "mediums". "Media" is normally used to refer to a combination of radio, television, and newspapers. The three together are generally referred to as the "mass media". Since "media" is considered a plural noun, it is usually followed by a plural verb. Here are a few examples.

* The media suggest that the colleges are full of drugs.

* I am told that the media have not been invited.

* I don't understand why the media aren't being used in the classroom.

In informal speech, there is a tendency to use a singular verb after the word "media". In speech, it is common to hear people say,

* The media suggests that the colleges are full of drugs.

* The media is getting very excited about the event.

* The media isn't being used in the classroom because teachers aren't trained.

Careful users of the language however object to such sentences. If you want to refer to just radio or television, then use the word "medium". For example,

* Television has become a very powerful medium.

* According to Frieda, the Internet is the most exciting medium since television.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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